• Railroad depot at Greenwood
  • Bridgeville-Greenwood master plan
  • Bridgeville branch near wastewater plant
  • Bridgeville's welcome sign
  • Woodbridge High School under construction

Bridgeville-Greenwood Master Plan

Located in the upper reaches of the Nanticoke River, both Bridgeville and Greenwood are facing challenges related to pollution limits for nitrogen and phosphorous in the Chesapeake watershed. That watershed, which includes six states and the District of Columbia, drains half of Sussex County and one third of the State of Delaware.

Click to view master plan Beginning in 2012, the University and Delaware's Office of State Planning Coordination conducted workshops with leaders of both communities to determine how and where the towns would grow in the context of these water-quality challenges. Bridgeville, particularly, has an aging wastewater treatment plant that needs significant upgrades to comply with pollution limits by 2025.  

After using the Community Viz interactive tool, the towns agreed on principles and a growth scenario that would protect water quality while promoting sustainable grown in and around the exsiting towns.  The University hired Cedar Creek Sustainable Planning Services to draft and design a master plan for the two communities. 

Greenwood's Town Commission adopted the master plan in August 2014.  Bridgeville's Town Commission voted to approve and adopt the plan on October 13, 2014.

The final version of the plan is available for download below or by clicking on the cover at right. 

  B-G Master Plan UD website.pdf