Sussex County Index

The Sussex County Index provides a snapshot of some of the important social and demographic changes occurring throughout Sussex County, as we shift from a rural farming community to a more urban resort area. Drawing on U.S. Census data and historical records from the UD Center for Demograhy and Survey Research, we'll review some of the long-term trends in population growth, education levels, and diversity. We'll also illustrate what an aging population might mean for healthcare and transportation needs across the county.

The Index is a work-in-progress. Please check back frequently for updates!  

Population Growth

View Sussex County's population growth from 1790-2009, and to see how Delaware's population growth rate compares to other coastal states across the region (PDF).

An Aging Population

Learn more about how the age of Sussex County's residents is shifting as low taxes and affordable housing attract a burgeoning retirement community (PDF).

Ethnic Diversity Across the Region

See how the ethnicity of our County's population is changing (PDF).


See how high school graduation rates have improved in Sussex County since the 1970's (PDF).

Community Character

See how Sussex County's landscape is shifting from large rural farms to more urban communities (PDF).