Successful Planning Tools for Growing Communities

This project provides ways communties could grow in a sustainable way. This includes suggestions for communities to protect their natural resources; increasing community pride and participation in local activities; protecting historic resources, traditions and community values; and decreasing the costs associated with public infrastructure. The fact sheets cover the topics of concurrency, form-based codes, impact fees, transfer of development rights, community visioning, urban growth boundaries/urban services boundaries, agricultural preservation programs and traditional neighborhood development/mixed use.


Growing Better: Successful Planning Tools for Growing Communities, May 2007. (PDF 1MB)
Written by: Alissa Bierma and Erik Hopkins, Institute for Public Administration, University of Delaware

Local Training for Government Officials

The SCC program provided funding support to the UD, IPA sponsored Local Government Training for Municipal Officials series. The funding allowed for expanded training in Sussex County. Two new programs (Long-Term Capital Investment Planning and Management for Peak Effectiveness) were added to the training portfolio in the fall of 2008, and both were delivered for the first time in Sussex County. The highly regarded introductory class in the Planning Education certificate series, Planning Your Community's Future, was presented in January 2009 and training for the spring 2009 featured two additional Planning Education sessions, Community Design and Mobility-Friendly Design.